Every policy is in PDF format and comes with:

Policy Document – See Select Your Policy on the home page.

Risk Modules – Chosen after selecting policy type:

General Risks – Generic risks/hazards to most worksites

Office Hazards – General risks in the office environment

Industry Module – Relevant industry module and individual selected risks


Depending on your industry, you also receive 2-3 additional Word documents:

Forms – basic forms from the policy which you may need to update or print frequently (staff training, skill levels, emergency personnel etc.)

SSSP – Site-Specific Safety Plan, for companies who do off-site/contract work or have contractors work for them (JSA, Pre-start checklist, site emergency personnel etc.)

Implementation Checklist – to assist you in implementing the policy

App – All Forms from policy available in a convenient app (coming soon) – Free!!!



Lite Policy $560

Standard Policy $760

Premium Policy $960


Optional Extras:

Additional Industry Module(s) $115

Logo on every page of document $75

Consultancy Services - contact us for more information



Existing eSafety Policy 30% discount on Premium and Standard policies


All Prices Include GST



Frequently Asked Questions

How will this benefit my business?
It will provide you with a current and compliant policy in accordance with the latest Health & Safety Act

What happens if I don’t worry about getting a Health & Safety Policy?
You could be prosecuted under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

I am a Sole Trader. Do I still need a Health & Safety Policy?
Yes, the Act requires all employers to comply, irrespective of the size of your business. Also, many businesses will require you to have a policy to work on their sites

Is eSafety run/endorsed by ACC or a government department?
No, we are an independent company. Government Departments do not endorse private companies

Is the Policy compliant/legal?
The policies are built around the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and the now discontinued ACC WSMP/WSD (Workplace Safety Management Practises/Workplace Safety Discount) requirements

What if I need help to set the programme up in my place of work?
We can send a Consultant to your site to assist you. This may incur additional costs & charges. Please email or phone us

Are you based in New Zealand?
Our head office is in Tauranga, but we are affiliated with other H&S providers who have consultants using our policies, nationwide

Our organisation is larger than a small business. Can you still help us?
Yes. Our partners use the eSafety Premium manual for their larger clients who want a much greater level of support

I am in an industry that you do not list. Are you still able to help me?
We can customise a policy for any business. Order your policy and select the closest module. Once your order is complete, contact us and we can customise your policy for you


For eSafety Enquiries

Contact us on 0800 372 3389

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