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eSafety was created in 2009 during a brainstorming session (over a beer or two) about what was missing in the Health & Safety market. The revelation was there was nothing to cater for the self-employed person to medium-sized business only requiring a basic Health and Safety Policy, or a policy with minimal consultancy services. It has now created policies for over 1500 businesses in NZ.

Rod had already been creating H&S policies for many years, so it was decided that he would create different versions for different business requirements. And then, using our extensive and ever-growing collection of risk modules, the idea was formed about how the website could work simply to provide quick, yet effective and still personalised information, to create a policy for a business. Thanks to this model and many years of experience in the H&S industry (since 2000 for the director) we can provide policies at a cost-effective price for all sized businesses.

Just because the policies are done online, they are not just thrown together. If any risks have been possibly incorrectly selected or missed in a module, we will ring the client to check, or for a myriad of other reasons. Rod is on the phone a lot. This is not only because he is precious about these things, but every policy we put out not only represents our client but it represents us as a company and we want to make us both look fantastic. We are firm believers in business being for the benefit of both parties.


Rod Harris - Director

rodRod is the Managing Director of eSafety and his role includes great ideas (or taking credit for Karen's great ideas), answering questions, talking on the phone (a LOT), app development, policy approval and various other interesting and highly important things.

He has worked full-time in the area of Health and Safety compliance since 2000 and also does contract consultancy work, to maintain hands-on experience. He served his time in the building industry, is an advanced trade carpenter and has done papers and work in Quantity Surveying, resulting in extensive experience in all facets of the industry, from housing to civil construction. This gives him a hands-on approach and a practical knowledge of Health and Safety.

His ongoing mission for eSafety is to make policies and forms as simple as possible, while fitting into the framework required by councils, businesses, ACC and WorkSafe.
This could well explain Rod's lack of hair.

Contact Rod on 0800 eSafety

Karen Malone - Policies/Audits/Training

karen mKaren has been involved with Health and Safety since 1999, working with compliance in the marine, laboratory, maritime, small-scale manufacturing and health products business environments. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety along with various other qualifications.

Formerly in lab management, with 20 years of building up her product development & manufacturing company. Her main roles as a consultant with eSafety are preparing policies for Rod to review, working through the Prequal process with clients and group training sessions. An IRCA/Exemplar Global Lead Auditor (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 45001), Karen spends much of her time for eSafety involved in pre-audit prep. for clients.

Karen has been teaching adult students in business and Polytechnic environments since 2000, and is involved with the ongoing development of eSafety training programmes. With well over 1500 students having attended her lectures and workshops, she’s now realising just how many times she should have been told where the emergency exits and fire extinguishers were.

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